Pay & Benefits


Jesus College Pay Scales

Please find link below to the College pay scales. Progression through the salary band is based on annual increments and satisfactory performance on an annual basis. Incremental progression falls in line with the University process and usually takes place on 1st August for grades 1-5 and on 1st October for grades 6-10. 

Pay Scales 2020



All College staff are paid monthly, usually on or before 28th of each month. Where applicable, overtime payments are paid up to one month in arrears.
Staff will receive a payslip showing how the total amount of pay has been calculated. Payslips are distributed by the Accounts department, usually via the Lodge pigeon holes.


Benefits of Working At Jesus College

Pension Schemes     

The University offers generous occupational pension schemes for eligible staff members. 
On joining the College you will be automatically enrolled into either the Oxford Staff Pension Scheme (“OSPS”)
or University Superannuation Scheme, (“USS”) as applicable.
Further information about University pensions can be found at:

Employee Assistance Service 
(Welfare Support) 

A confidential support service is available to all College employees via Care First. 
They provide an advisory and counselling service on a range of personal or work matters and can be contacted 24/7 via the telephone, on-line or face to face. 
The service is free for all College staff and is completely anonymous. 
Further information can be found on the intranet, HR noticeboard or via Human Resources directly.

Free Staff Meals    

A free meal is available when on duty and the kitchen is open. Support staff take their meals from the student servery and may eat in the dining hall or staff room. 
During term time light lunches may also be purchased from the JCR servery.  
Once per term you may bring one guest to lunch with you - this must be agreed in advance with the DACC office.

Oxford University Discounts

College staff will receive a University card which provides the following discounts:
•    Free entry to Oxford Colleges and libraries 
•    10% discount in some University shops
•    Free access to the University Botanical Gardens and Harcourt Arboretum.
•    Discounted computer software from the University Computing service

Please note that the list is not definitive and is subject to change without notice. 
For further details, please follow the link:  

Travel  Discounts

The College offers interest free travel loans and public transport discounts to staff on completion of their probation period. 
Further details are available from the Accounts department. 
These loans will be subject to a written agreement which will ccover arrangements for repayment by deductions from salary.
Outstanding sums must be repaid in the event of employment being terminated, either during, or on the expiry of, the notice period.  

Access to Sports Facilities and Punt Hire 

Staff may use the sports pitches, tennis courts and table tennis room located at Herbert Close. College staff may also use the Squash Courts in St Cross Road. 
During the summer periods staff are able to sign up for punt hire for a small fee. 
Staff can also sign up for free to the University Club. The Club offers social, sporting and hospitality facilities. 
Staff can also use the University Sports Centre on Iffley Road at discounted rates, including a fitness centre, powerlifting room, and swimming pool. 
See and 


College staff have access to the Meyricke Library which is open 24 hours a day. Staff are welcome to use the Library and borrow books. 

Eye Test/Glasses Reimbursement

The College offers a free annual eye test and a glasses contribution for staff that are regularly display screen equipment (DSE) users and who have been 
advised they need glasses for DSE use. Further details are available in the Absence Policy and the form can be found on the Intranet. 

Flu Vaccinations

The College operates a yearly flu vaccination scheme whereby staff who are not otherwise eligible to receive a free vaccination 
can obtain one at the cost of the College.