New University Card (Bod Card) Requests

To request a new University Card (Bod Card) just email Or just come and see us in person - first quad, staircase 3, first floor.

It takes roughly a day for a new University Card to reach us after we order it - we should email you when your new card arrives. Once your card has arrived, please come in to collect it whenever is convenient - we are open Monday to Friday, from 9-1, and 2-5. If your new card replaces a damaged or expired card, you will need to surrender the old card.

If your new card replaces a lost card, after emailing us to request a new one, you will need to pay a £15 replacement fee at the University's online store

If you find your lost or stolen card, you must hand it in to us at the Academic Office to be destroyed, and continue using your replacement card.

If you have any questions, email