Health and Safety

Jesus College is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for you to live and learn while studying here. To fulfil this the College needs your co-operation by reading and following the guidance listed. We all have to take responsibility for ensuring that our actions and omissions do not cause injury or ill health to other people, and knowing a few safety rules for the College can help you play your part.


Emergency Arrangements

Whatever building you go in, make sure you get to know:

• The layout of the building

• Where the emergency exits are, as well as your normal route in and out

• What to do if there is a fire

• Locations of fire alarm call points

• Locations of telephones

• The emergency phone number

It’s too late to find out much when an emergency actually happens.


Emergency Telephone numbers

In the case of Fire your first contact should be the Fire Brigade by dialling 999. You should then immediately raise the alarm and then inform the College Lodge.

The College Lodge is the contact for all other emergencies. The Lodge is manned 24/7, 365 days a year.

The College Lodge number is 01865 279700. It is advisable to programme this into your phone so that you have it at all times.

If you need to contact emergency services you must speak clearly and say:

• Who you are

• Where you are, i.e. what building/floor/room and give the phone extension number

• What emergency services are needed and briefly what has happened

• Exactly where the emergency assistance is needed. Give the name of the building, the street and the postcode if you know it. Make sure the operator has understood what you told them by asking for it to be repeated back to you.