Other Conditions

1.1 The Student is responsible for the conduct of any invited visitor(s)

1.2 The Student hereby authorises the College to use his/her personal data for all lawful purposes in connection with this Licence agreement (including debt recovery, crime prevention, allocating rooms or where there is a serious risk of harm to the Student or to others or to the College’s property) and all matters arising from the Student’s membership of the College and The University of Oxford.

1.3 The College’s liability for loss or damage to person or property is excluded unless the loss or damage is caused by the College’s negligence or breach of its obligations in this Licence agreement and personal belongings left at the College are at the Student’s own risk. Students are advised to insure their personal property against theft.

1.4 The College is not liable to repair any damage caused by the Student unless the cost is met by insurance or by the Student (any excess on the policy being payable by the Student). This clause shall not apply where the College has an overriding statutory obligation to make the College safe.

1.5 The College may temporarily suspend use of the Common Parts if they are not kept in a clean and tidy condition by the students using them

1.6 This Licence does not affect the disciplinary powers of the College or of the University of Oxford.

1.7 The College is entitled, at the Student’s expense, to remove from the Accommodation or the Common Parts any article which constitutes an obstruction or a fire or health or safety risk but (unless perishable) will if requested return it to the Student on the termination of this Licence agreement. The College is entitled to remove any item left in College by the Student at the end of the Licence Periods and shall not be obliged to return it to the Student

1.8 This Licence is not intended to confer any benefit to anyone who is not party to it.