General Information

General Information and Definitions

Accommodation: A room to be allocated to you by the College.

Common Parts: Any shared facility such as kitchen, bathroom, sitting/living room and those parts of the College’s property which are necessary for the purpose of gaining access to the Accommodation

Duration: The start and end date of the contract which may or may not include the vacation periods depending on the contract.

Rent: The rent is charged per night and it is payable for the whole of the Duration of the Licence regardless of occupation. Additional nights outside of this Licence periods agreed in advance by the deadlines set by the College will be charged at the standard nightly rate. 

Payment Dates: The accommodation charges will be billed and payable in three installments, being added to battels during Week 1 of each term with payment being required on or before the Monday of Week 3 of each term. There are a minimum of 61 days in each term, covering the period starting on the first day (Monday) of each term and ending on the last Saturday of each term.  Therefore, the minimum charge per term is as follows: £23.11 per day x 61 days = £1409.71

Room Contents: The fixtures fittings and equipment in the Accommodation as listed on the inventory (room or flat condition form) to be supplied to the Student at the start of the Accommodation agreement.

Services provided:

  • repair of the Accommodation and/or Common Parts
  • lighting and heating of the Accommodation and/or Common Parts
  • providing hot and cold running water to the Accommodation and/or Common Parts
  • providing an electricity supply to the Accommodation and/or Common Parts
  • insurance of the fabric of Accommodation and/or Common Parts
  • disposal of rubbish deposited in proper receptacles
  • cleaning of the Accommodation and the Common Parts

Rights of the occupier:

  • to occupy the Accommodation during the Licence Periods
  • to use the Contents
  • to use the Common Parts
  • to use the Services
  • to use the College’s dining facilities (additional charges apply)

For the purposes of Section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, the Landlord’s address for service is Jesus College, Oxford, OX1 3DW.