College’s Obligations

College’s Obligations


1.1 To provide the Services, subject to the College’s Information and Regulations which include reporting procedures and response times for repairs, details of arrangements for refuse collection and expected clearance times for ice, snow and leaves from College grounds

1.2 Except in the case of an emergency, for disrepair reported by the Student (or other matter preventing the Accommodation from being used) and for cleaning on designated days to give the Student reasonable notice prior to entering the Accommodation during term-time

1.3 Not to interrupt the Student’s occupation of the Accommodation more than is reasonably necessary.

1.4 Not to disclose personal information obtained from the Student except as permitted by clause 3.2 of this Licence agreement or where there is serious risk of harm to the Student to others or the College’s property

1.5 To make available to the Student for inspection by prior arrangement the College’s:

(a) Risk register for critical risks such as fire, outbreak of disease, or major disrepair and the College’s procedures for dealing with such risks;

(b) Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) policy;

(c) Log of visits to the unoccupied study bedroom by College staff and contractors during term-time, giving the reason for access;

(d) Fault reporting and emergency procedures for use of the College laundry;

(e) The Universities UK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing

(f) The College’s service level statement on reporting and rectification of building defects

1.6 Before the end of the first week of the Licence periods the College will provide the Student with information and advice on:

(a) Action to be taken in the event of an emergency, including emergency contact details, how to call an ambulance, where to get first aid, and how to report an accident or safety defect;

(b) health & safety matters such as how to avoid common fire risks; safe cooking in the designated areas of College and why cooking in the Accommodation is a safety risk and in breach of this Licence agreement; electrical safety and voltage differences; the dangers of using candles or other naked flames or storing flammable material; fire extinguishers; the possibility of disciplinary action or criminal proceedings for misuse of fire precautions equipment;

(c) how to get access to the Accommodation in the event of the Student losing their keys;

(d) cleaning schedules and students’ responsibilities for cleaning (where applicable);

(e) the respective roles and responsibilities of the College and its resident students;

(f) health, welfare, and guidance on communal living

(g) where to get advice on financial difficulties

(h) where to get counselling

(i) how to register with a local health service

(j) the management structure for the College and contact details of the Lodge, and main College officers, with out-of-hours emergency contact details

(k) any special arrangements made to help with any disability the Student may have disclosed to the College

1.7 To give a receipt for any of the Student’s property that is confiscated under the terms of this Licence.

1.8 To ensure security staff are clearly identified, and that any staff or contractors requiring access to the Accommodation carries and allows the Student to inspect appropriate identification documents.

1.9 Maintain any kitchen facilities (where provided) in the College Common Parts in good order and repair, and keep any equipment there in proper working order

1.10 To ensure clear and appropriate instructions for use are given for any equipment which the Student needs to operate in the College