Code of Practice

Accommodation Code of Practice

The College has undertaken to comply with the Universities UK (UUK) Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) for the Management of Student Accommodation, the full terms of which can be accessed electronically via the UUK website: HERE

The ACOP requires subscribing organisations to meet certain levels of provision and safety standards with respect to its student accommodation and the management of that accommodation, and to afford to its occupants access to associated risk assessments and safety and maintenance records. An index of those risk assessments and records is available on the Jesus College internal website (this page).

Information about the College’s obligations, and those required by the ACOP of student occupants – which relate to social behaviour and treatment of the accommodation – are outlined in the ACOP. Whenever it is appropriate, these are referred to in the College’s accommodation contracts which students are required to sign before occupation. Where this is not appropriate the information is included in Student Handbooks, Flat and Room Information Packs, the Welfare Leaflet and on this web site.

The Code protects students rights to:

  • A healthy, safe environment.
  • Timely repairs and maintenance.
  • A clean, pleasant living environment.
  • A formal, contractual relationship with your landlord.
  • Access to health and wellbeing services.
  • A living environment free from anti-social behaviour.