I need to prove I'm a student!

From time to time, students need to prove various things (that they are a student, when they will finish their course, etc.) to various people (the council, the government, etc.).

You can automatically generate a letter that is suitable for most purposes by logging in to the student self service and clicking on 'enrolment certificate' on the menu on the left.

You will usually need to bring the printed letter in to us for a Jesus college stamp.

Degree Confirmation

Similarly, if you have passed your examinations and have not had your degree conferred at a degree ceremony, or if you have attended a cermony but require proof of your award to present to a third party, you can request a Degree Confirmation letter free of charge. This statement is on official University letter-headed paper. The letter will confirm that you have successfully completed your course at Oxford, the dates of attendance and the classification you received.

To do this, you will need to fill out a Document Order Form, found on the website below, and forward it to the Degree Conferrals Office at the Exam Schools.



Custom Letter

If the automatically generated letter isn't suitable, get in touch and we can do a custom letter for you. But please try the automatically generated letter first!