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Welcome to Jesus College - College Officers

Prof. Sir Nigel Shadbolt - The Principal

Prof. Patricia Daley - Vice Principal

Dr Alexandra Lumbers - Academic Director


Stuart Woodward - Estates Bursar

Ruedi Baumann - DACC

Brittany Wellner-James - Development Director


Welcome to Jesus College - Deans & Junior Deans


Miles Jackson - Dean

Heather McTaggart - Junior Dean

Vanessa Pickers - Junior Dean


Welcome to Jesus College - Academic Office


Sailesh Vyas

Emily Huang

Carole Thomas


Nancy Wilson

Matt Williams




Welcome to Jesus College - College Departments


Karen Tarrant - Lodge Manager

Tania Dandy Minto - Accommodation

Michele Turner - Housekeeping


Mike Sixsmith - IT

Bruno Mollier - Catering

Anand Dube - Catering


Simon Smith - Conferences

Melinda Mattu - Accounts

Owen McKnight - Librarian


Jude Eades - Communications Manager 

Jolanta Sikora-Marques - Fellows Secratary




Welcome to Jesus College - Welfare Officer, College Nurse, College Counsellor & Chaplain


Kirren Mahmood - Welfare Officer

Carolyn Ruhle - College Nurse

Juliet Bulman - College Counseller

John Findon - Chaplain