Graduate research allowance

Information on the Graduate Research Allowance


What is the Graduate Research Allowance and who can apply? All postgraduates within fee liability; or in the fourth year of a DPhil (ie 4th year of standalone DPhil; 5th year of a recognised 1 year plus 3 year; or 5th year of a 2 year plus 2 year course) are entitled to apply each year for up to £800 (in 2019-20) to assist with the costs of research, such as field trip or conference expenses. 

Owing to Covid-19 disruption, please note that until 31 July 2020 postgraduates may apply to the allowance for the cost of books and do not require supervisor confirmation for this.

How to apply A letter or email of application should be addressed to the Academic Director (and sent to Carole Thomas/Emily Huang - Graduate Administrator, setting out the purpose for which the funds are requested, and giving a full breakdown of costs along with details of any other funding secured. The graduate must also arrange for his/her Supervisor to send a letter or email of support for the application for the attention of the Graduate Administrator (email to Carole Thomas/Emily Huang - Graduate Administrator - Applications should be made in advance of the reason for which funds are requested - i.e. before a trip, not after. The allowance is made per financial year (1 August – 31 July), and applications may not be made for unspent portions of previous years’ allowances. Graduates may not claim the research allowance once their course is finished, e.g. in the Long Vacation after completing an MPhil, unless they are continuing their research at College on a further course. Part-time students are eligible for half this allowance.